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Fresh bhut jolokia aka ghost peppers


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Fresh bhut jolokia aka ghost peppers


  • You are purchasing a 5oz/small flat rate box of farm fresh ghost peppers
  • Tested average 1 million shu
  • USA farm grown by a local father and son pepper company
  • 100% genuine original ghost pepper
  • Fresh super hot peppers can only be shipped to the lower 48 states and no international shipping
  • 400 times hotter than tabasco sauce
  • 3 times hotter than habaneros

Out of stock


Order your fresh ghost peppers | pepper type: bhut jolokia aka ghost peppers

Ok Most pepperheads know the fresh ghost pepper is one of the worlds hottest peppers. It was the first pepper to be recorded over 1 million scoville units. While being the world record for the hottest pepper in the world back in 2007.

Did you know that ghost peppers are the most popular super hot pepper and most used in hot sauces around world being that it was the original super hot pepper.

Some people also call the ghost pepper  bhut jolokia, ghost chili, u morok and bih jolokia. The correct way to say it is (boot-joelowkia) or just call it the ghost pepper.

You can now eat a pepper that has been in pepper spray. Fun fact ghost peppers have even been used for military pepper spray.

Enjoy our fresh peppers picked right of the plants the same day or day before shipping.

We wash our fresh peppers before shipping to keep a good moisture level in the fresh pepper so they dont get soft during shipping.

When is our fresh pepper season? The season for fresh peppers are normally june to december.

When you order your ghost peppers from us you will be getting fast shipping.

Priority customer service if you have issues or need help we are here 24/7 via email. You also get free tracking information for all orders through our website.

You can now have your order shipped the same day or the next day. So you dont have to wait we ship using 2-3 day usps priority mail service.

On average 50 peppers equals 1 pound. In a small flat rate box there is 12-24 peppers.

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