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Buy the hottest peppers in the world & hot sauces online like ghost peppers, scorpion peppers and carolina reapers. Selling products like fresh peppers, dried peppers, hot sauces, hot pepper seeds, seasonings and spicy seasonal snacks.

EST'D 2016


is a small family company operated by a father & son pepper team.

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We understand 1 of the most important things when making an online purchase is shipping. So that's why we stride to maintain a shipping policy of 48hrs or less from when the order is completed to when we ship your order out. However there is rare cases that shipping can be delayed due to unforeseen actions.(like a pandemic for example)


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we actually care about the products we sell.

Rather it be our fresh carolina reaper peppers or hot sauces our mission is to provide a quality product. We wont add anything to our products that we wouldn't eat ourselves. Our plants are treated naturally and our food products are all natural with zero additives or preservatives and of course always contains non gmo food ingredients.

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We don't just offer wholesale fresh hot peppers our company is here to create new varieties of hot peppers, pepper mashes & hot sauces that can help your business grow too.

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Carolina Reaper - up to 2.2 million shu

Buying fresh carolina reapers for the 2021 pepper season is almost here so be sure to sign up to our weekly newsletter to be the first to know about new super hot pepper products and more. Our fresh carolina reapers will be available between August - December for online ordering and picked to order for the freshest carolina reapers you can find shipped right to your door.