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A father and son locally operated pepper company, growing some of the hottest peppers in the world.

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Fresh super hot peppers

Locally grown super hot peppers picked fresh from our plants on our farm, we will be growing multiple types of the worlds hottest peppers in greenhouses and in the field planted in the ground and in container pots.

Dried super hot peppers

Slow dried super hot peppers ranging from ghost peppers, carolina reapers, douglahs, scorpions and morugas. All will be available for your pleasure to make in hot sauces or dare your friends to eat whole.

Small batch hot sauce

Hot sauce made with some of the hottest peppers in the world making sure you feel the burn from your head to your toes, with heat and flavor. Hot sauces will be made from ghost peppers, carolina reapers, chocolate douglahs & red morugas.

The worlds hottest peppers list of 2019

The ghost pepper was the first super hot pepper tested at 1 MILLION SHU making it the worlds hottest pepper in 2007. Also known as bhut jolokia or ghost chili. Test’s have shown the ghost pepper heat units reach up to 1,578,548 million shu.

Carolina reapers are the current record holder for the hottest pepper in the world with a SHU measuring up to 2.2 million. Average heat level is around 1.6 million. Its said the creator of the reaper has another in his pocket like pepper x from hotones.

Trinidad moruga scorpion peppers are the second hottest pepper on record so far with a scoville heat unit ranging from 1.2 million shu all the way up to 2 million shu. This pepper has been used to create so many super hot hybrid peppers.

Normally its the red peppers that are always the super hottest well not this time, the 7 pot douglah has a scoville heat unit ranking up to 1,853,936 million shu making it hot. Such a flavorful pepper if you can get past the heat.

E. Butch t scorpion peppers

the butch t scorpion pepper is a pepper created by a grower in mississippi with a SHU ranging from 500k shu to 1.4 million shu. 

F. Bhutlah peppers

The bhutlah comes in red and brown that is a result of a hybrid from a ghost pepper (bhut jolokia) and then a 7 pot douglah. its another super hot pepper that ranks in well over 1 million scoville heat units.

G. Naga viper pepper

the naga viper is a uk cultivated pepper that got released to soon which resulted in the alot of variation from growers, the heat level is not to be fooled with as it reaches up to 1.3 million shu. 

H. Jigsaw peppers

The jigsaw pepper is a unique pepper with a super sting, this pepper also has a super hot green variety called gator jigsaw. Most popular is the red jigsaw pepper though. Heat level is not official but ranks in over 1 million shu easy.

I. Big black mama peppers

A hybrid this pepper packs a punch and is a great pepper to use to create your own hybrid as its a super hot chocolate variety that is from a chocolate 7 pot creation.

J. Hurtberry peppers

Another hybrid mystery pepper that ripens from green to red and is bumpy and looks a little like a scotch bonnet super hot hybrid. 

K. 7 pot peppers

This pepper gets its name for being able to spice up 7 pots of chili with one pepper. Its another pepper that is parent to many hybrid crosses out there and easily ranks in over 1 million shu.

H. Pepper X peppers

The pepper x pepper is the new creation of same grower that created the carolina reaper there has been no testing released yet for pepper x but is said to be over 2 million scoville units famous for the last dab hot sauce on hot ones youtube show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can fresh peppers be shipped international ?

No. Fresh super hot peppers like fresh ghost peppers or fresh carolina reapers can only be shipped through the lower 48 states.

What is the cost of shipping?

We offer a flat rate shipping fee of $7.00 using usps priority mail service 1-3 business days

Do we offer Same day or next day shipping?

Yes if your order is placed before 12pm EST it will be shipped the same day, if your order is place after 12pm EST it will be shipped the following business day. Orders placed on fridays will be shipped that monday.

What shipping service is used?

We ship all orders via 1-3 business day usps priority mail service with free tracking information available.

What peppers do we grow?

Currently we only grow the red ghost pepper for public offerings, but we are currently growing our pepper list for future pepper growing seasons. All super hot peppers added to our grow list have scoville heat units at 1million shu up to 2.2 million shu.

What is the worlds hottest pepper?

Right now the world record holder for the hottest pepper in the world is the carolina reaper with a scoville heat level of 1.6 million shu avg all the way up to 2.2 million shu. It was created by smokin ed currie located in the carolinas who owns the puckerbutt pepper company known also from the hit youtube show hotones.