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How hot is the ghost pepper?

Ranking #4 on our worlds hottest pepper list for 2019.

Ghost peppers are from the assam region located in india. In 2007 they were officially the worlds hottest pepper, the worlds current hottest pepper is the carolina reaper.

The new mexico university did testing on the bhut jolokia aka ghost pepper. They also tested the moruga scorpion, trinidad scorpion, 7 pot and the chocolate 7 pot.

How hot are ghost peppers? The results where scorching…

Ghost pepper test results

Average shu / of 1,019,687 million shu and at its Peak shu / of 1,578,548 million shu

how hot are ghost peppers? super hot.

So how hot is the ghost pepper?

Heat level: Scoville units

Official new mexico state university testing on the hottest peppers in the world

Where did the ghost pepper get its name from?

The ghost pepper got its name from the hindu demon or ghost called bhoot or bhuta. As bhoot or bhuta meaning ghost hince the name bhut jolokia aka ghost pepper.

Because bhuta is said to be a supernatural creature usually the ghost of a person, therefore this pepper being called the ghost pepper because like a ghost this peppers heat will sneak up on you.

What region did the ghost pepper come from?

Ghost peppers aka bhut jolokia peppers are interspecific hybrid peppers from india. They were discovered in the assam region in the mountains near naga land and bhutan. The locals even use dried ghost peppers to hang around the out skirts of there village to ward off wild elephants, so that shows you how hot ghost peppers are. Ghost peppers are also related to the naga morich which grows right next store in nagaland. In that region and through out india the military even uses them in there pepper spray weapons.

how hot is the ghost pepper

Can eating the ghost pepper kill you?

Yes, according to a 1980 study if a person that is 150lbs three pounds of this chili could take there life. See article here

But to give a better answer than the one above considering know human person would ever being able to eat 3lbs of the ghost pepper that would be around 150 fresh ghost pepper pods. So lets talk about the heat of the pepper, hot peppers heat is only something our mind thinks is happening.

What certain people have experienced from other super hot peppers where thunderclap headaches and a hole in there throat liner.

However the person that had there throat liner burned wasnt from the pepper but from the stomach acid from throwing up after eating the pepper as the stomach is loaded with acid so if you make yourself vomit that can cause more damage then anything.

So in a real world not 1980 the answer would be no ghost peppers will not kill you nor will any other hot pepper kill you.

ghost pepper challenge videos

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Two of the most viewed youtube videos of eating ghost peppers, on the left you have sean evens from hot ones and chili klaus eating a ghost pepper, carolina reaper and a couple other super hot peppers. On the right you have rhett and link taking the ghost pepper challenge eating some scorching hot ghost peppers.

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