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The ultimate guide for growing ghost peppers in your home garden.

What is the right soil for ghost pepper plants in my garden?

making your own soil for growing ghost peppers one of the hottest peppers in the world

You always want to make sure your soil is easily able to have water drain evenly but also have material in there that helps retain moisture like coconut fiber or reed sedge peat. Below is soil mix that we have used in the past and works great.

simple ghost pepper soil mix recipe: coconut coir, reed sedge peat, earthworm castings, organic compost. add additional amendments if wanted.

 Where should i start my ghost peppers indoors or outdoors?

growing ghost pepper plants indoors and starting seeds indoors

Starting your seeds indoors always is better unless you have a greenhouse you can control the climate meaning temperature, ghost pepper seeds need a warm area so the soil stays a nice 78 degrees F  or about to have a good germination. But starting your ghost pepper seeds indoors you will need lights to give them enough light once they sprout otherwise they will be stringy & all stretched out.

What material will i need to start my ghost peppers indoors?

Ok you will need lighting either florescents or some other grow lights, clear plastic, shelving, staples or tape and buckets for your watering. Setting up your growing area is up too you because each room is different in size but you will want to make sure you cover your containers you planted the seeds in with clear plastic and maintain moisture to keep the seeds from drying out. 

Starting your ghost pepper seeds

Ghost pepper seeds can be tuff however as long as you keep the soil moist and warm like 78 degrees to 85 degrees F plus soak the seeds before planting them you will have a good germination rate, plus fast one too. 

  • Keep soil moist by cover with clear plastic ( open once a day for fresh air)
  • Sustain a warm soil between (78 degrees f - 85 degrees f)
  • Soak your ghost pepper seeds or carolina reaper seeds overnight to 24 hours at least. ( we soak our seeds overnight in plain water in the fridge )

When to start feeding your starter plants

Ghost pepper plants among other super hot peppers have enough nutrients in them for the first couple weeks so to make sure your plants dont get deficient give them a nice feeding between week 2 & week 3, using a all natural fertilizer is recommended. A nice mix of fish emulsion and kelp works great and is a all natural fertilizer but alway look for the all natural or organic stamp before adding ( omri certified fertilizers are tested to be organic )

Transplanting into your garden or container pot

how should you transplant your ghost peppers to the garden, first make sure the place your putting it at is well fertilized with soil amendments that contains calcium at the very least because ghost peppers and many other hot peppers have a high need of calcium just like tomatoes do as they get blossom end rot so do peppers, organic calcium can be in forms like garden lime, bone meal, seaweed/kelp and many other all natural fertilizers as well. Peaceful valley farms is a good place for all natural organic fertilizers and you can shop online too.

How much water do i give my plants?

This is a question thats asked alot about growing ghost peppers, so the best things you need to think of when you make your watering program is rain fall, nutrient leaching, daily temp and disease / fungus ( too much water/moisture can cause severe problems with mold and or disease.

But on a weekly bases on normal rain amounts like a couple times pe you should water your plants every 3 days but you also need to think of the actual heat temp of the day as living in florida when its in the high of the summer we sometimes water daily but then you will have to feed your plants sooner if you water more often because of any nutrients leaching out of the soil depending on how much soil amendments you added before planting your ghost peppers.

When do i feed my ghost pepper plants?

Feeding your ghost peppers every 7-14 days is pretty typical but again you have to take into account on how much rain or how many times you watered outside your weekly program, and also the amount of dry nutrients you added into your soil before planting your ghost peppers in the garden or container pot.

Protecting my plants from insects and disease?

This is a tricky one as there is multiple ways to try to prevent bad bugs and disease away from your ghost pepper plants using organic methods so here is a few we practice.

  • Cover crops certain cover crops have properties that inhibit the growth of certain diseases and fungus, also planting different cover crops in area of your farm or walk paths can bring beneficial insects to kill the bad bugs that will cause havoc by either eating your ghost peppers or causing disease in some cases.
  • Neem oil and other omri listed insectides can work well if your first line of defense is not taking care of the problem
  • Keeping your plants spread apart from one another as bunching your plants can cause areas on the ghost pepper plant tha can be hot spots for bugs or fungus if its a area that stay moist all the time or spot where the good bugs or spray can reach.
  • Netting using a insect net does work as long as its nice and snug so no bugs can find a little spot to get it. But this is main just for bugs and it wont allow any good bugs either.
  • Keeping your garden area and yard clean of weeds, debris and tall grass can also help keep bugs from growing out of control.
  • Build yourself a good bug hotel yep a good bug hotel you can contruct them for lady bugs, bees and many more habitats that will attract the bugs you want in your garden so you will end up with guardians of the ghost peppers. We will be adding a blog post about how to build your own good bug hotel for an affordable price if not free using things from around the house and yard.

What do i feed my ghost pepper plants?

When your ghost peppers are just young use a balanced fertilizer like a 10-10-10 for example. Once your plants start to flower switch to a higher number for the middle number, then when you see your plants starting to produce ghost peppers start using a fertilizer that is either completely balanced like the first stuff or use a product that has a higher last number than the others as it will increase fruit production.

If you have a question that was not talked about above send us a email or comment below and we will answer with-in 24 hours.

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