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Carolina reaper peanuts

Carolina Reaper Peanuts

Spicy Peanuts – Reapers Ghost super hot!

Try some of the hottest peanuts in the world. Our carolina reaper peanuts are grown here in the usa then roasted and covered in butter toffee alongside two of the hottest peppers in the world.

carolina reaper peanuts
carolina reapers

Try our new reapers ghost butter toffee peanuts!

Sweet heat from hell with a crunchy spicy coating of carolina reaper peppers and ghost peppers. 

some of the worlds hottest peanuts made with carolina reaper peppers and ghost peppers.

USA grown peanuts coated in a sweet butter toffee alongside large amounts of pure super hot pepper heat - we do NOT add any extracts or additives. Your getting just carolina reaper pepper powder and ghost pepper powder.


Pure carolina reaper peppers the worlds hottest peppers on record.

Enjoy the heat of the hottest peppers in the world with our carolina reaper peanuts we add a heaping of carolina reaper pepper powder to each package not for flavor… But to set your tongue on fire with instant regret. If you want to make your peanuts or other foods you eat super hot order some carolina reaper pepper powder we offer 1oz packages in the pepper shop.

fresh carolina reaper peppers

100% ghost peppers the original super hot pepper.

We add 100% red ghost pepper powder to mix with the carolina reaper peppers, with the combination of the two it gives you a false since of oh this isnt too hot. But then the heat comes from the ghost pepper and the reaper peppers. If you want to add some pure ghost pepper powder to your meals you can order 1oz packs at our pepper shop here on our website.

ghost peppers growing on the plant

why you will love our nuts

Crazy hot made for the Super Chiliheads.

This product was made exclusively for the extreme pepper heads out there as we coated these peanuts with huge amounts of ghost peppers and carolina reaper peppers.

Small Batch Made.

We make super small batches to maintain a even mix of heat and flavor.

Peanuts Grown In the USA.

We source our peanuts from three different states including Florida, South Carolina and Virginia.

We actually grow the peppers.

We don't just sell pepper products we also grow peppers and make products from the peppers we grow.

Pepper Passion.

Through thick and thin we have stuck with growing peppers and sticking with all the hard times and not giving up as we do have a passion for peppers and providing pepper with super hot pepper products.

Sweet butter toffee goodness

last but not least our nuts are baked in a butter toffee candy to give them a sweet candy carolina reaper pepper coating. to give you extreme heat with a whole lot of flavor.

Let's go shopping.

We have many super hot pepper products coming soon with this summers pepper harvest.