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Created by the puckerbutt pepper company the carolina reaper is officially the hottest pepper in the world testing at 1,641,183 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) in 2017 and peaking out at 2.2 million shu. 

The creator smokin ed currie from fort mills south carolina created the carolina reaper by crossing a habanero and ghost pepper. 

Which after a few years of stabilizing you have what is known today. 

Beside being the record holder most people have heard of reapers from the hit show hot ones from hot sauces like the last dab.

The carolina reaper is the worlds hottest pepper with a heat level of 1,641,183 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) which was tested in 2017 and peaked at 2.2 million shu.
There are unofficial tests of a new pepper called Pepper X testing over 3 million shu.

We will be offering carolina reapers for sale grown by us this 2020 pepper season in limited amounts of fresh carolina reapers, carolina reaper seeds, carolina reaper hot sauces and dried carolina reapers for the retail market online.

*Coming October-December 2020 our small batch carolina reaper hot sauce will be available. A limited amount will be available and will online be available through our website and for sale when it goes live ( no pre-orders allowed on any products* ).

Common questions

How hot is the carolina reapers?

The carolina reaper has a heat level of 1,641,183 scoville units on average and 2.2 million scoville units at its peak.

how much water should i give my plant?

If your plants are in a container pot at least 3 gallons of soil give 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon of water every 3-4 days depending on climate and weather.
If planted in the ground give your carolina reaper plants 1 to 2 gallons every 3 days depending on climate and weather

Where does the reaper originate from?

The reaper is a man made super hot pepper bred by smokin ed currie from the puckerbutt pepper company in fort mills south carolina.

When should i water my carolina reaper plants?

Super hot pepper plants can be sensitive to over watering.
You should water your plants as needed when you can see the top soil is dry around the base or every 3 days depending on climate and weather.

What should i feed my carolina reaper plant?

Feed your plants a balanced fertilizer like a 10-10-10 for example.
And make sure you also feed them every 7-10 days and monthly with a calcium, magnesium and sulfur fertilizer like calmag for example.

Is there other colors beside red?

Yes, there are chocolate reapers, yellow reapers, mustard reapers and the non released black carolina reaper from the choco challenge

Reaper news

how to grow the carolina reaper grow guide

How to grow the carolina reapers 2019

Learn how to grow the carolina reapers like a pro and how to grow other super hot peppers ranked the worlds hottest as well…

Our super hot pepper grow guide teaches you from the beginning part of getting your soil prepped, seeds plants, natural fertilizer, natural insecticides and growing methods such as where to plant your reaper plants. In the ground or in pots?

super hot pepper grow guide is Coming Soon! Stay tuned...

the choco challenge with the black reaper
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WHat is the choco challenge?

The choco challenge is super spicy chocolate bar were for every purchase $5.00 is donated to the prostate cancer research foundation.

This chocolate features the black reaper a pepper that is hotter than the original carolina reaper. A pepper that has made people cry that have eaten red carolina reapers, so enjoy hahahahaha….

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