carolina reapers are the Guinness world record holder for the hottest pepper in the world. *as of 2021

Carolina reapers are Ranked the #1 hottest pepper with scoville heat units reaching up to 2.2 million shu but on average are 1.6 million scoville heat units

What makes carolina reapers spicy? Capsaicin oil is the compound that makes peppers spicy and is the reason that the carolina reaper is ranked #1 hottest pepper.

Where did the carolina reaper come from?

Pepper grower Smokin’ ed currie from the puckerbutt pepper company created the carolina reaper in rock hill, south carolina.

what peppers are crossed with the carolina reaper?

The naga viper pepper crossed with a really hot pepper from the carribean islands is what created the carolina reaper pepper.

Carolina reaper vs ghost peppers heat level.

Carolina reapers heat level ranges from 1.6 million shu to 2.2 million shu VS Ghost peppers heat level ranges 500k shu to 1.1 million shu

Learn how to germinate carolina reaper seeds.

Soil temp. min of 78 degrees. needed.

After years of germinating thousands of hot pepper seeds and other vegetable seeds we have found the right ways vs the wrong ways. However when it comes to germinating carolina reaper seeds and most all seeds there are many right ways to do it and below is our way. 

Step 1. Soak seeds in plain water for 24 hours in fridge – after 24 hours seeds that float after rippling the water and they dont sink they are not viable and will not germinate.

Step 2. Prepare your container and soil – make sure it is loamy soil that has proper water drainage and will not ball up if squeezed, when squeezed you want it to fall apart easily.

Step 3. After you find your soil make sure before you plant your pepper seeds the soil is watered properly to have the soil moist not wet though.

Step 4. Now take your container then add your soil make sure to leave a gap from the dirt to the top of the container for watering purposes then make a 1/2 inch deep hole at most to plant your pepper seed in. Once your seed is planted cover the seed with dirt but dont over pack it make sure it is just softly covered then use your water spray bottle to spray the soil with water then it wont disrupt the seeds.

carolina reapers
carolina reapers
carolina reapers growing in the garden

How to grow carolina reaper plants

2021 pepper grow guide - Article

When to feed your hot pepper plants -

You should stay on a routine feeding schedule per directions of the fertilizer products your using. If your using a natural fertilizer program like fish emulsion lets say you want to fertilizer your carolina reaper plants every 7 – 14 days.

What fertilizers should i use on my hot pepper plants -

We recommend using natural organic fertilizers like fish emulsion, chicken manure, cow manure, bone meal, blood meal, seaweed extract, egg shells, coffee grounds and the list of natural earth friendly fertilizers doesn’t stop there.

How often should i water my hot pepper plants -

When to water your pepper plants is a common question with a easy answer. When you are wondering if your plant needs water take your finger and feel the soil. If the soil feels dry then water it. Now the harder answer if you cant tell but the plant leaves are not wilted wait until they are then count days from there on.

How to get rid of aphids on my hot pepper plants -

Aphids are common pests on pepper plants which will cause serious issues if left untreated. One of the most used natural ways to getting rid of aphids is using neem oil during the mornings or evenings. Other natural pesticides include but not limited to spinosad. Natural predators like pray mantis work to.

How to maximize your hot pepper yield -

If you want to get the most peppers you can out of your hot pepper plant there are several ways. The best way is topping the plant when it is about 8-10 inches tall then it will create more branches therefore producing more super hot peppers. Other ways are with high P & K fertilizer during the right times.

When to harvest my hot peppers -

Well if you are growing super hot peppers like carolina reapers or ghost peppers then you are gonna want to make sure the pepper is red when you harvest if you want it to be the hottest is can be. If you want them with less heat pick them before they turn red when they are green or orange.

What its like eating carolina reapers the hottest pepper in the world.

Eating carolina reapers the world hottest pepper is like having needles stab your tongue and then ufc fighters punch your stomach and the next morning don’t even get me on the next morning you can use your brain on that one just make sure you have extra soft toilet paper. However sometimes in life we have to learn the hard way so if you are intrigued about eating the hottest pepper in the world below is a video from the hit show hot ones with Sean Evans and Chili Klaus eating the worlds hottest peppers including the carolina reaper. 

Our carolina reapers and other super hot pepper's below.

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