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Spice Blends

Try our gourmet spice blends made with ghost peppers to give it a kick. Our blends are balanced to give you a nice flavor to enjoy on your food then BAM! The ghost pepper hits you and with our 2 heat levels you can choose from you can either breath fire or get just a kick.

Ghost Pepper Spice Blend | Garlic & Herb | 4oz bottle

GHOST PEPPER - SPICE BLENDS FLAVOR: Garlic & herb ghost pepper seasoning PRODUCT TYPE: GHOST PEPPER SPICE BLEND HEAT LEVEL: 6/10 PRODUCTS NET WT: 4OZ The Ghost Pepper Heat Level is up to 1.2 million scoville units so use small amounts first to make sure its not too spicy, you can always add more then take it out. Spice blends...

Ghost pepper sea salt - Pink Himalayan Blend | 4oz

Try our pink himalayan salt today its a great alternative to regular table salt with better flavor and less sodium. Our pink himalayan sea salt is 100 percent natural and non gmo certified it is sourced from a top quality supplier to ensure top quality every time. Spice blends are packed into food safe spice bottles with a seal liner...