Guinness book of world records - hottest chili pepper scoville heat units: 1.64 million shu up to 2.2 million shu

fresh carolina reaper peppers

You can get fresh carolina reaper peppers the hottest pepper in the world shipped directly from our farm to your door. 

we ship Carolina reaper peppers nationwide to all 50 states.

carolina reaper peppers

Carolina reaper products

We offer multiple types of carolina reaper pepper products for sale and ship them worldwide. So if you are wanting to feel the burn and taste the fiery look no further we got you covered and will be happy to provide you with the carolina reaper experience.

Fresh carolina reaper's

Available August through December

Carolina reaper seed's

We sell seeds all year round while stock last*

Carolina reaper hot sauce's

In 2021 we officially will be releasing our Devil's Farmer Hot Sauce Collection it will be 3 types of sauce from mild to insane.

Dried Carolina reaper's

Slow dried to keep the heat intact and packed into resealable bag's.

Carolina reaper peanuts

Try our nuts! these carolina reaper peanuts are coated with butter toffee to give a tasty but fiery experience.

carolina reaper seasoning

Great for kicking up the heat on the grill or the smoker with some spice blends and dry rubs.

carolina reapers
fresh carolina reaper
spicy seasoning peppers
carolina reaper wholesale

Carolina reaper pepper news

what pepper's are hotter than a carolina reaper?

“So far there has been no peppers that’s been lab tested for its scoville units and certified hotter than the carolina reaper pepper. However this is two pepper claiming to be hotter and that is the dragons breath pepper ranking over 2.2 million they said and pepper x ranking over 3 million shu.”

Why our fresh carolina reapers are better!

Peppers With a Purpose is a program we are working on that for each variety of super hot pepper we grow,  a portion of the sales will be donated to a specific charity that is helping local and worldwide issues.

What type of carolina reapers do you grow?

Currently we grow the original red carolina reaper pepper and offer for sale to the public and businesses online.

hot Pepper's. Amazing flavor's. farm to table.

HBX2 hot pepper series
super hot peppers

carolina reapers - hot pepper's with a purpose!

A passion project

There is one thing that The Ghostpepperfarms Pepper Co. has always cared about, and that is others. That’s why we have created a program were each pepper has a purpose and cause its fighting for. 

Soon we will be releasing more info and a list of top recommended charities helping to fight a cause that we will be working with. 

We currently have 10 super hot pepper varieties that we will be dedicating to the peppers with purpose program to help bring more light on todays issues locally and around the world.

peppers with purpose