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Fresh Super hot peppers

Order one of the worlds hottest peppers online you can purchase our fresh ghost peppers today and have them shipped right to your home. The ghost peppers heat level can reach up to 1.5 million shu at its peak but on average it sits at 1 million shu and has a floral sweet flavor if you can get past the heat.

Our farm Locations

Currently we are located in Dunnellon Florida and soon to be growing on 5 plus acres in northern florida. We are also working on getting a 2nd location growing in Jackson Michigan to help keep stock if Florida gets hit with a hurricane.

Same day Shipping

We ship from central florida using usps priority mail 1-3 business days. *All orders received before 12pm est will be shipped that same day, any orders received after 12pm est will be shipped the following business day. This applies to fresh peppers only*

products offered

Fresh ghost peppers, dried ghost peppers, ghost pepper hot sauce, pepper seeds, live plants and pepper mash. Our pepper season is from June to December where you can order fresh peppers, we are getting greenhouses to extend our season.


Ghost Pepper recipes

Ghost pepper buffalo hot wings

Try out our ghost pepper wing recipe – these wings are deliciously spicy. Prep time-20mins/Cook time-45mins, peppers used fresh or dried ghost peppers.

Ghost pepper sriracha hot sauce recipe

Learn how to make one of the most lovable hot sauces in the world the famous sriracha hot sauce, however this recipe you will be kicking up the heat my using the infamous ghost pepper.