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Ghost Peppers

Fresh ghost peppers for sale!

Order one of the worlds hottest peppers online, you can purchase our fresh ghost peppers with fast shipping. The ghost peppers heat level can reach up to 1.5 million scoville heat units at its peak but on average it sits at 1 million scoville units and has a floral sweet flavor if you can get past the heat, but when dried a super sweet fruity strawberry aroma and flavor will be brought through its drying process at low temps under 

Same day Shipping

We ship from central florida using usps priority mail 1-3 business days. *All orders received before 12pm est will be shipped that same day, any orders received after 12pm est will be shipped the following business day. This applies to fresh peppers only*

products offered

Fresh ghost peppers, dried ghost peppers, ghost pepper hot sauce, pepper seeds, live plants and pepper mash. Our pepper season is from June to December where you can order fresh peppers, we are getting greenhouses to extend our season.

Quick pepper growing tips

How to germinate your hot pepper seeds – 1st soak your seeds in plain water in your fridge for 24-48hours this will signal to your hot pepper seeds its spring time and increase germination rates. 2nd keep your soil above 78 degrees but not over 85 degrees and cover your soil with a clear plastic to promote moisture and create a greenhouse effect.

How to make sure you get maximum peppers from your pepper plants – One of the best ways to ensure you get a large harvest is having a overall healthy pepper plant, however there are a few things you can do to increase your yield. Potassium is a major building block for fruit formation and pod set, so make sure once your plants are fruiting you increase there potassium intake. But before we get to the fruit we need to make sure we got alot of flowers on our plants and they dont fall off. So in order for you to have an abundant of flower set on your pepper plants you need to make sure you increase there phosphours intake once you see your first flower bud forming.

hot peppers

Some pepper products will include peppers like of course our ghost pepperscarolina reapers, chocolate bhutlahs, trinidad moruga peppers, 7 pot douglah and a few more that we will wait to name. Coming fall we will have our hot sauces available to the public alongside some new super hot peppers.

Learn more about our fresh ghost peppers

fresh ghost peppers for sale
Rows prepped now ready for planting one of the hottest peppers in the world.... (Pepper type: Red Ghost Peppers)

Our plants are started from seed each year and then we plant in the ground and in container pots. We add lime, compost and cow manure to the ground before planting to give them a nice boost of growth. Most of the fresh ghost peppers that are for sale will ship the same day or the next day after being harvested fresh from the plants. The fresh ghost peppers that you get will be washed and cleaned in our dunk tank, which also adds a little shelf life to the peppers vs if not washed before shipping the peppers will be soft when they arrive

Our farm Locations

Currently we are located in north central florida and looking to expand into another state away from the hurricanes.

fresh ghost peppers for sale
First year plant producing a bunch of fresh red ghost peppers
commercial ghost pepper grow
Property waiting to be planted full of super hot peppers and create tons of hot sauce...