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Founder & pepper grower

About Us

Growing ghost peppers – a father and son pepper company located in north central florida growing some of the hottest peppers in the world like ghost peppers, carolina reapers, trinidad moruga scorpion peppers and more super hot peppers all over 1 million scoville units coming 2020.

We are here to serve your super hot pepper needs by offering a selection of the worlds hottest peppers and pepper products, all which can be ordered online with fast shipping across the nation.

The Farm

Our farm is ran by my father and myself, we originated from michigan and moved down here to florida in the late 90s and never would have guessed we would be in the pepper growing business but are extremely happy and grateful we found this path for the super hot peppers and the business.

We started Ghostpepperfarms Inc. in 2016 growing the red ghost pepper aka the bhut jolokia, we began supplying fresh ghost peppers to hot sauce makers and your every day cooks across the nation via our website. Our peppers are grown here in sunny florida by us in north central florida, and soon we will have another location in michigan so we can produce guaranteed in case florida is a hit by a hurricane and wipe out our plants like in 2017. Also we will be growing through out the winters to ensure fresh super hot pepper harvests in case of storms and like this year in 2019 the excessive heat killed of 80 percent of our plants we put in the ground during may and june, so we have a few paths of growing to make sure we have peppers to provide our customers and make our small batch hot sauces.

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