Hot Honey Sauce - Made with locally sourced honey and the hottest peppers in the world.

100% real honey. gluten free. paleo-friendly.

Raw Honey.

Hot Peppers.


Honey was first discovered over 8,000 years ago.

There is cave paintings in spain from over 8,000 years ago showing the harvesting of honey. Plus one of the oldest fermented beverages from our history is mead which was made from honey wine dating back 9,000 years. So the delicious honey nectar of the bees have been around for a longtime and now we are blending it with spicy hot peppers and putting it on pizza.

Hot Honey - In the Mix

Our hot honey sauce is now available. Buy it in 4oz glass jars with fast nationwide shipping. Each jar will have carolina reaper pepper and ghost pepper powder blend added for that extra kick. This hot honey might be the hottest honey in the world made with no pepper extracts.

hot honey illustration

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World's Hottest hot honey

Hot Honey Edition #2 will be made with a special blend of peppers.

Our Golden Hot Honey Sauce features some of the hottest peppers in the world that include the carolina reaper pepper, ghost pepper, chocolate bhutlah peppers and our special in-house pepper blend with unreleased hybrid scorpion pepper crosses.

The Special Pepper #23 - Super Natural Hot

The Mustard Special #23 is part of our proprietary blend of super hot peppers. No official testing has been done yet on this pepper as it is still young, but we wanted to offer it in our upcoming extra spicy honey sauce.

 Edition (1) Release Now -Shipping Nov 8th 2021.

 Edition (2) Release December 2021

Pepper #23 The Mustard Special –  A hybrid cross of mustard pepper ( #23 ) x ghost scorpion pepper ( #6 ).

Since 2017 we have been crossing certain pepper strains to create new hotter peppers with bigger and better flavor profiles. We currently have over a dozen different pepper crosses being worked on each grow season. These peppers will be  just available in spicy food products until they reach there stable grow stage which will be a few years yet before completely stable.