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We are a small father and son hot pepper operation, since 2012 we have been growing the ghost pepper. But lets go back to where we started, it was in 2011 when we came across the ghost pepper. With only 1 plant we took the fresh peppers deseeded them and in 2012 we had just over 200 plants growing but over the years we have expanded to growing over 2,000 plants each year on our urban farm of less then 1 acre.


Why we grow hot peppers?

Love, we love hot peppers and cant wait to start growing other types of super hot peppers like the moruga and reaper once we move to a larger farm. 


What is our Mission?

Our mission is to provide people with a spicy food experience they will enjoy by offering super hot products alongside mild products they the average person can enjoy the flavor but then get a little kick from the peppers.


Who we are?

We are two people with the love in spicy foods and making people happy, Ron - the father has been growing plants of all kinds since he was a young boy in his fathers garden back in the 70s never to guess that the future was gonna have him be growing one of the hottest peppers in the world. He loves people, animals and nature living by one rule and that is treat other as you want to be treated.

Nate - the son is very passionate about hot peppers and building a farm that grows more than just peppers, to one day having a farm that donates fresh produce to food banks and shelters to help fight the hunger around the country.


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