Carolina Reaper Pepper Mash

Try our wholesale carolina reaper pepper mash available in 16oz jars, 1 gal. buckets and 5 gallon buckets at low wholesale prices with fast shipping.

Our carolina reaper pepper mash is made from peppers we grow ourselves they are harvested early mornings, then made into super hot pepper mash that same day. So if you make your own HOT SAUCES at home or if your going commercial and putting together a legit hot sauce for retail stores we got you covered. Starting 2021 pepper season we will have pepper mash available.

Size Available

  • 16 oz. At home size
  • 1 gal. Restaurant size
  • 5 gal. Hot sauce maker size

The worlds hottest peppers are ranking in scoville heat units of over 1.6 million shu on average, the carolina reaper was crowned the hottest pepper in the world by guinness world records.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Attention hot sauce makers!!! We will officially be offering WHOLESALE PEPPER MASH starting 2021 pepper season. Our super hot peppers we will have to offer will be only the carolina reaper pepper and the ghost pepper. However there is a good chance we will have a super hot pepper blend  that is a blend of some the hottest peppers in the world as we grow over 15 different types of the hottest peppers in the world.

A few types of super hot peppers we grow

  • Ghost peppers
  • Carolina reapers
  • Chocolate 7 pot primo
  • Apocalypse scorpion
  • 7 pot douglah
  • Chocolate bhutlah
  • Mustard bhutlah and more.

Prices for carolina reaper pepper mash will range from $10 for the 16 oz jar , $120 for the 1 gallon restaurant size and then $250 for the 5 gallon hot sauce maker size.

All hot sauces, pepper mashes and other processed food products are made in the commercial shared kitchen we rent monthly.


"16 oz", "1 gal", "5 gal"


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