Carolina reaper seeds – Red variety

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Carolina reaper seeds

The carolina reaper or HP22B are the hottest peppers in the world with scoville heat units of up to 2.2 million shu but on average is 1.6 million shu. In 2013 the carolina reaper was first ranked the worlds hottest pepper, but on August 11th 2017 is was re-crowned Guinness world record hottest chilli pepper in the world as it was retested with a higher scoville heat units then originally in 2013 the first time.

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Product type: carolina reaper seeds

Pack size: 10 plus seeds
Super hot pepper type: Carolina Reaper (red original variety)
Pepper cross: Ghost pepper x red savina habanero
Heat Level: 1.6 million shu – 2.2 million shu
Flavor: Fruity, smoky with hints of floral.

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How to germinate the carolina reaper seeds: Step 1. soak seeds in water in the fridge for 24-48 hours – Step 2. Make sure soil is not compact and be sure to keep soil moist and warm around 78-85 degrees if possibly at all times to have the best germination possibly – Step 3. cover containers will clear plastic and open daily for about 30 min. to allow fresh air to reach the soil.

3 reviews for Carolina reaper seeds – Red variety

  1. Jeffrey Foster (verified owner)

  2. Vanessa (verified owner)

    My son is thrilled! He’s the fire eater in the family & now he gets to grow his own Carolina Reaper plants this year.

  3. Richard Footer (verified owner)

    I think I may need a few more packs

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