Chocolate bhutlah peppers bulk 1lb, 5lb & 10lb


Pepper type: chocolate bhutlah

Shipping method: USPS 2-3 day priority mail service

Price per ounce: $5.93 per ounce when you buy 1lb price is cheaper buying our 5lb box and 10lb box.

Heat level: over 1 million shu

Pack Size: 1lb package – contains up to 300 whole peppers maybe more maybe less depends on the size of the pods themselves.

5lb box there will be up to 1,500 pods per box | 10lb box there will be up to 3,000 pods per box

Origin: USA


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Brand: Ghostpepperfarms

Chocolate bhutlah is one of the hottest peppers in the world with scoville heat units over 1 million shu.

Chocolate bhutlah peppers are said to feel hotter than the carolina reaper however there has not been any public scoville tests done to see what the actual heat level is. Alot of people wonder where the bhutlah pepper originates from and the answer is from an expert pepper grower that lives in wisconsin named Chad he crossed the ghost pepper and the 7 pot douglah and got the red bhutlah then after a few grows the chocolate version showed up and we are eagerly awaiting for the yellow bhutlah. The chocolate variety of the bhutlah is a very popular pepper being the main heat source for 100s of hot sauces and other super spicy food products.

Many of the sauces featured on the hit Youtube show Hot Ones has contained this hot pepper in there sauce, so you can now experience the actual pepper itself and see if you can handle the heat. You can even make your own hit hot sauce with this extremely hot pepper that can be super hot and very tasty as these peppers have great flavor and aroma.

But it is very much hotter than most of the ghost peppers out there and right up there with the carolina reaper pepper.

Our chocolate bhutlah peppers are slow dried and you can buy them online in bulk form of 1lb packages, they are great for anything spicy.

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in
Pack Size

1lb dried chocolate bhutlah peppers, 5lb dried chocolate bhutlah peppers, 10lb dried chocolate bhutlah peppers


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