Dried carolina reaper powder – 1/2 oz pack


The red carolina reaper pepper is a hybrid cross between a ghost pepper x habanero, the average heat level is 1.6 million shu.

  • You are getting a 1/2 oz of dried carolina reaper pepper powder for only $6.99
  • Worlds hottest peppers with scoville heat units up to 2.2 million shu
  • Red carolina reaper
  • Product of USA
  • Small farm produced
  • Approx. 15-30 pods per package to equal into ground powder

    Dried carolina reaper powder – 1/2 oz package in a sealed food grade stand up pouch with a resealable zipper.

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Can you handle the hottest pepper in the world? Well if your thinking about it chances are you cannot handle the hottest pepper in the world, but thats ok i remember my first beer. So dont be afraid and take the plunge into the belly of hell and order some dried carolina reapers, you can always see if your buddy billy ray can handle the heat.
Just because you ate some jalapeno poppers or habanero peppers doesn’t mean you can level up right away and eat some carolina reaper peppers but thankfully you have the freedom of choice so by all means try these dried carolina reapers it will be like straight hell and you will feel it for hours and even the next morning possibly even the afternoon. These peppers reach heat levels of up to 2.2 million shu. and on average are around 1.6 million scoville units.
So if you think your tough enough then click that add to cart button and make the purchase, your order will be shipped the next day and when they arrive you can eat one whole and see if you earn those bragging rights.
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