Fresh carolina reaper peppers


The hottest pepper in the world now available in fresh peppers, limited amounts when in stock its first come first serve. Fresh peppers are picked and shipped in the same day.

You are ordering a small flat rate box of fresh carolina reaper peppers approx. 4-5 oz per box

If you have not had the carolina reaper then you will be in for a major battle with this pepper ranking number 1 on the scoville heat scale, the carolina reaper has a heat level that reaches as high as 2.2 million shu, but on average is just over 1.6 million shu.

Out of stock

Fresh carolina reapers are coming soon to our pepper growing list. It is the worlds hottest pepper the carolina reaper hits hard with a scoville heat units testing on avg at 1.6 million but reaches up to 2.2 million shu.



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