Fresh carolina reaper peppers


Fresh carolina reapers – 4oz package freshly picked to order farm to table super hot peppers

Description type of peppers – Red Carolina reaper the hottest pepper in the world

Scoville heat units – 1.64 million shu to 2.2 million shu

Variety – The Original Red Reaper

Flavor – Fruity and Smokey, if you can taste anything past the heat your awesome…

You are ordering a small flat rate box of fresh red carolina reaper peppers. Each box will contain at least 4 oz of fresh peppers which is around 20+ peppers per box.

Out of stock

Fresh carolina reapers are you ready to take the plunge into to hell?

We offer fresh red carolina reapers for sale by the 4oz package vs some sellers sell them by the pepper for about $0.50 each to $1.00 each. Not us we have your interest at heart and are here to make you happy with our products.

Fresh red carolina reapers are now on our pepper growing list. It is the worlds hottest pepper the carolina reaper hits hard with a scoville heat units testing on avg at 1.6 million but reaches up to 2.2 million shu.


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