Ghost pepper seeds – 10+ seed pack


Ghost pepper seeds can take up to 30 days for a full germination follow our ghost pepper seed germination steps for a high success rate.

1st soak your ghost pepper seeds in your fridge in plain water or black tea for up 48 hours at the longest.

2nd make sure your soil is kept warm and moist with temps maintained around 80 degrees.

3rd dont pack your dirt when sowing your seeds and use a loamy soil not too sandy and not too compact, you will want to be able to grab a handful of soil make a ball and it fall apart with ease.

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Order a pack of 10 plus ghost pepper seeds online and have shipped to your home.

we real 100% genuine red ghost peppers aka bhut jolokia pepper seeds for you to germinate and grow on your own in your own garden at home, in order to properly germinate your ghost pepper seeds follow the instruction above.

How hot is the ghost pepper? Ghost peppers scoville heat units range from 800k scoville units up to 1.5 million scoville units but on average is 1.1 million scoville units, and in 2007 was ranked the hottest pepper in the world.

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