Ghost Reaper Pineapple Hot Sauce


New! Try our Handcrafted all natural ghost pepper and carolina reaper pepper hot sauce 5oz bottles and it has no preservatives or artificial flavors. It is made by us in micro batches of 100 or less bottles.

Each batch contains fresh ingredients and two of the hottest peppers in the world a former record holder The ghost pepper and the current world record holder the red carolina reaper pepper for being the hottest pepper in the world.

*limited availability only 1 bottle per order*

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Ghost Reaper Hot Sauce is a blend of fresh pineapple, mango and ginger with ghost peppers and the red carolina reaper pepper to give you a sweet heat with a crazy after burn that will last for several minutes depending on how much you use.

Additional ingredients are brown sugar, white distilled vinegar, clover honey and orange blossom honey alongside fresh squeezed lime juice from the limes them selves with fresh cut sweet onions and finally a pinch of sea salt.

Peppers added in each batch are Ghost peppers and the red carolina reaper pepper to bring the heat you desire and seek.

Our sauce has no preservatives or artificial flavors. Its an all natural hot sauce made with fresh ingredients in micro batches of 100 or less bottles, we are only able to get into the kitchen twice a month to make sauces so its a limited item when on our website.

This hand crafted hot sauce was created for a group of people that supported us a long time ago and due to hurricanes and flooding of our pepper plants it has been a long tedious process to be able to bring everyone our handcrafted micro batch hot sauces. So as we continue to ship our sauces to those people we wanted to give the chance for everyone to try our sauces and enjoy them.

*Product label may be different then as pictured our label design is still being finalized so there is two types of label designs on our bottles right now one regular as pictured and the other is a small batch non glossy one.

*Limited availability each batch is made of 100 or less bottles and a limited number of those will only be available each week on our website. The remaining we have prior obligations for but will be available regularly soon.

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