Hot Honey – Carolina reaper infused hot honey sauce


Micro Batch Artisanal Made Hot Honey | With the World’s Hottest Peppers.

4oz Glass Jar’s | We use Reusable Glass Jar’s that you can repurpose for other items.

Honey Sourced | Locally sourced honey from around the world blended into one jar.

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“Hot honey infused with carolina reaper peppers + ghost peppers. Bringing locally sourced honey from local beekeepers from around the world into one jar with the world’s hottest peppers.”

Our Craft #4 Hot Pepper Honey is uniquely different. | Our honey comes in reusable glass jars vs the other guys Hot Honey is mainly sold in plastic squeezable bottles pilling up in the landfills.

-Each jar contains the world’s hottest peppers with honey from around the world.

We provide a handcrafted artisanal hot honey made with the finest honey sourced from around the world, crafted with our own super hot peppers we grow like the carolina reaper pepper and ghost peppers.

Then after all the Naturally sourced ingredients are gathered we prepare the mix and start the infusion of the hottest peppers and the best honey. Once the infusion process is complete the spicy honey is bottled and handcrafted into 4oz glass jars that are reusable when finished.

Over the years we have enjoyed making hot pepper honey for ourselves to put on all sorts of foods we love. Now we are finally bringing you our own In house hot pepper honey product for you to enjoy. It’s great on pizza and even grandma’s homemade biscuits.

Earth’s Happy Honey | Locally sourced from people that love honey bees just as much as you and i do.

Hottest peppers in the world include | Carolina reaper peppers + Ghost peppers

Hand crafted | Net Wt 4oz

Ingredients | Honey, Vinegar, Carolina Reaper’s & Ghost Pepper’s.

Small Batch Packaged | Glass Jars with mini honey dipper’s

All Natural. Paleo Friendly. Happy Bee’s.

hot honey illustration

Hot Honey on Pizza | What a delicious combination of flavor’s that taste so good, now with the hottest peppers available.


carolina reaper peppers – “Carolina reaper pepper scoville heat units | 2,200,000 SHU”

The carolina reaper peppers is the worlds hottest pepper, it was originally bred and created in south carolina.

Normally red there are yellow, chocolate, mustard and caramel carolina reaper pepper seeds available.


The Hottest Peppers in Each Jar | Carolina Reapers & Ghost Peppers…


ghost peppers growing on the plant – ” Ghost peppers scoville heat units | 1,100,000 SHU”

The Ghost pepper was once the hottest pepper in the world, today the ghost pepper is not the hottest pepper

but is still a super hot pepper with scoville heat units over 1 million SHU. There are multiple varieties of the ghost pepper like the chocolate ghost peppers, yellow, orange and many cross hybrid peppers.

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